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Henri Matisse started painting in his 20s while recovering from appendicitis. I love that origin story because it proves talents lay hidden and life follows a curve, not a line. 

I've always been a keen observer, inspired by the seen -- color, texture, shapes -- and unseen -- moods, experiences, music. I was a creative kid and developed a vivid imagination and a thirst for novelty early on.  

My work is a result of years of experimentation and practice. I've experimented with new mediums, techniques, palettes and colors. It's an ongoing journey that I hope is filled with twists and turns, surprises and spectacle. 

The collection

I love this collection because of it’s expressive feel and vibrant colors.

The figures are fierce, even the seemingly demure ones. As always, I painted flowers. I fought painting flowers for a long time; too pretty, too simple. Au contraire. There is a reason most of the Masters painted fleurs. They are extraordinarily complex and a magical manifestation of nature. 

On buying art

While my home is filled with my own makings, I love collecting pieces from emerging and traditional artists. My grandparents, avid art collectors, used to decorate with eclectic pieces from around the world -- a watercolor from a popup stand on Cherokee Street in Missouri, an original Chihuly glass blowing, a sculpture from Paris, a drawing by one of their grandkids. They invested in and displayed what they liked.  

Buying art is as simple as buying what you like! But just in case you're looking for some extra guidance, check out my Lookbook page where I share about my experiences buying, selling and curating.

Thank you

Thank you for sharing in and supporting this artistic journey with me.