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I was a creative kid with a vivid imagination and a thirst for novelty. As I got older, I went in a different direction and pursued the path of “career stability” by thinking I would find fulfillment in the corporate and political worlds, but after a few years, I couldn't ignore my passion for art any longer. With a lot of hustle, relentless ambition, some formal training and a little luck, I started painting full time. Soon to discover that painting is my true North Star, I feel more fulfilled than ever by making this my career and life’s path.

I think of creating art as a series of experiments. Naturally, my studio in San Francisco is my lab. Here I am able to test out different mediums, color palettes, and subjects.

I trained and spent years painting in a traditional medium - acrylic on canvas. Then in 2018 I discovered digital art and something unlocked. New color combinations and funky scenes started to emerge. This new medium enables me to express myself and my work in the most creative, authentic way.

My paintings are representative of how I see and feel the world around me. I surround myself with inspiration, creative energy and magic! That's what fuels my creative process. It’s humbling when people connect with my work in a way where they say, "I have to have that!" or "That's so me!" or, my personal favorite, "That's how I feel, too." I get it. Every piece of art in my personal collection carries a little bit of me in it. It's very special to be an artist and bring joy to people and places!


Southern Methodist University (BA) 2009

London School of Economics 2007-2008

Washington Studio School 2015

University of California Berkeley Extension School 2016


Art Explosion 2016 Spring Show - San Francisco, CA

ArtlyOwl 2016 Spring Group Show - San Francisco, CA

Global Fund for Women 2016, 2018, 2019 auctions - San Francisco, CA

Alzheimer’s Awareness 2017 auction - St. Louis, MO

Macmillan Cancer Auction 2018 - London, UK

Anthropologie 2018 (Licensed painting; sold online and in-stores across the United States)

Artfully Walls 2018, 2019

Saatchi Art 2019

stARTup Art Fair April 2019 - San Francisco, CA

Chateau Orquevaux Residency December 2019 - Grant recipient - Champagne-Ardenne, France