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 With ritual and stories at the ready.

I’m translating inspiration into brushstrokes that cultivate genuine creativity.

Vivid works for effortless expression

San Francisco, CA

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there’s too much noise out there

But here you’ll find work that ALIGNS your space with the life vision and emotions you crave, CONNECTS with your inner voice, EXPRESSES your independent spirit and… just maybe...

SPARKs a new creative passion.


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and now, Follow your intuition…


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I’m Jamie.

My deep curiosity and wild spirit have found comfort in the pursuit of art and self-expression.

A true Sagittarius, my wanderlust has me collecting inspiration like I collect passport stamps.

Wrapped in a delicate cloud of palo santo, I uncover the underlying energy of my subject matter and translate it into evocative works that exist at the intersection of power and ease.


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