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 Around here,

I’m for ritual and storytelling.

I’m Jamie, slinging color in San Francisco for people looking to infuse their walls with creativity

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And you…

You’re for SUBSTANCE and TRUTH while still crafting a feed that’s LIGHT and AIRY.

You’re doing it for more than just the ‘gram.

…but it takes more than filters to live the highlight reel IRL.

That’s where I come in.

I paint because I want more creativity and intuition in my life, and I know you’re seeking the same, so…

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I create ORIGINAL WORKS and LIMITED EDITIONS that bridge the gap between THEN and NOW.



Wanting to live a creative life but not knowing where to even begin. Self-doubt put a damper on your quest because you feel you don’t “know enough about art”.

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Carefully curated quality investment pieces which infuse your world with meaning and elevate your day-to-day experience allowing your truest expression.


 Here’s the thing…


And I believe you should fill them with art that inspires your soul and connects you to your inner voice.

I help ADORN YOUR WALLS with stories that FEEL TRUE so you can begin SEEKING CREATIVITY in your day-to-day.

The artist is not a special kind of person; rather each person is a special kind of artist.
— Ananda Coomaraswamy
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Come on over to my little slice of Sausalito for story and magic...

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While I’ve always had a creative spirit, becoming an artist was not a straight line, but rather a wandering wave- a journey of artistic discovery through creative necessity.

You see, I’d come home after 12 hours working my “real” job at Capitol Hill needing to unwind. I loosened up at the end of the day laying color down on canvas.

This casual practice became a daily ritual which stripped the barriers keeping me from authentic expression. And with this ritual my way of seeing everyday tasks changed.

All of a sudden, I realized that anything could be turned into a creative endeavor, and so I embraced creative living and I haven’t stopped since.

My artistic voice was born out of ritual and intuition.and the feminine energy that beats strongly through me.

My intention creating artwork is to help you — the viewer— become an avid seeker of self-expression and creative satisfaction.


Five fun facts

  1. I love Diet Coke, astrology (textbook Sagg here!), witchy rituals, and exploring the feminine energy that beats through me.

  2. I love traveling around the world. It’s an essential part of my work to find inspiration in lands near and far. My favorite city is London, but Mo’orea, French Polynesia’s not far off!

  3. I’m super disciplined about my creative practice. Even when I show up uninspired, something eventually clicks and creativity starts flowing! I think sometimes Inspiration just wants to make sure you’re serious about showing up.

  4. While I love working with acrylics, I’m very love with working with Digital Media. This allows me to work free from any barriers that are keeping me from my fullest creative expression.

  5. I turn it up in my studio for Aretha, Janelle, Florence, and LCD Soundsystem.

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I’m so grateful to have been featured in:


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Coming home to a place where inspiration is waiting to jolt your spirit awake, and remind you that you are so much more than your 9-to-5.

Let’s unlock your creativity…

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