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 Here’s a dirty little secret the wedding industry doesn’t want to get out...

You won’t want ALL your wedding photos on your walls forever...

(Congrats and cheers, btw!)

Preserve the memory of your big day with a personal wedding heirloom that will outlast the next chapters of your lives together.

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You COULD print and hang all of your gorgeous wedding photos… but most of those will LIKELY end up in storage after a few years.

Blame it on moving, an evolving design taste, or growing your family...


The passage of time will unavoidably make you regret… errr… reconsider… the giant gallery wall of nothing but wedding photos you’ve planned for your home.

Instead of SPLURGING hundreds on all those framed prints of you and your hunni,

Invest in a custom wedding bouquet portrait that you’ll truly love and cherish

‘til death do you part.

(Oh! And these make great wedding or anniversary gifts too!)

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 Here’s what you get:

  • A MODERN TAKE on the quintessential wedding accessory to hang on your wall (AND LEAVE IT THERE) through all of life’s stages. #noregrets

  • QUALITY MATERIALS so your heirloom LASTS FOR YEARS and can be passed down for generations.

  • FINAL APPROVAL (print options) before it’s official, so you can have PEACE OF MIND in your INVESTMENT and crush those money scaries.

  • FREE white-glove shipping, so your heirloom arrives intact.

  • My 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE because commissioning artwork can be daunting, and I want to make it EASY. See FAQ.

  • PROFESSIONAL FRAMING OPTION, so your artwork arrives ready to hang.

  • HAND-PAINTED OPTION, for a timeless feel.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase one of the listings below and send high-resolution photos of the bouquet to

  2. After a couple of weeks, I’ll send you a photo of the painting, and you’ll have the opportunity to give me your feedback.

  3. Once final approval is received (print options) you can expect to receive your print or painting in about 12 days.

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And just who am I?

I’m Jamie

I’m here to help prevent hundreds (if not, thousands) of dollars from collecting dust in the basement and instead, create custom artwork that tells the story of your wedding in a totally original way.

My mission is to capture the feeling of your big day in a way that’ll outlast all of life’s other big chapters to come.

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Here’s what others have asked… 


+ What if I’ve never commissioned a painting before?

I totally get it!

Investing in art for the first time can be an intimidating process. That’s why, on any of my print commissions I offer you a period to make a small change to the portrait (more available at an hourly rate), final approval, and a 100% refund if you’re not satisfied with the photo of your print.

Because of the nature of original artwork, I do not offer returns or exchanges.

+ Yikes, I just don’t think I can spend that right now!

I totally understand! Investing in art can be daunting, even for a seasoned art collector like me! Please ask me about adding a custom bouquet portrait to your wedding registry. Or, you can also funnel some of your wedding photo print money into an unframed custom print (only $125!) that you can frame yourself!

+ How can I take care of my custom bridal bouquet commission?

If you ordered a framed print, the work is pretty much all done for you. Professional mounting, wiring, framing, and UV-protective glass safekeep your investment.

For unframed prints, look into professional framing, especially if the print will be in a sunlit room.

Quality materials are used on all works.

For original works, these are painted in acrylic on wood panels. Keep away from bright direct sunlight.

+ Do you offer refunds?

I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you decide that commissioning a gorgeous personal heirloom print is not for you, you’ll get 100% of your money back if you change your mind at any point before final approval.

All sales are final on all prints, once the final approval is received.

All sales are final on original paintings.

If your item was damaged during shipping, please email

+ Are your works signed?

All commissions are signed by me.

+ What shipping options do you offer?

No astronomical shipping costs that hit you at checkout! All my goods have free shipping within the US.

+ When can I expect my print or painting to arrive?

After a couple of weeks of receiving the bouquet photos, I’ll send you a photo of the painting, and you’ll have the opportunity to give me your feedback.

Once final approval is received you can expect to receive your painting in about 12 days.

I currently only ship within the United States. I'll provide tracking numbers and order status updates so you're always in the know about your shipment. I'm are not responsible for any charges incurred for returned or refused packages. Nor am I responsible for packages once proof of delivery is generated.

Remember, if your painting or print arrives damaged, please contact within seven days of receipt.

+ Can I request a custom size for prints?

Oh, I love printing custom sizes to fit your space perfectly! Yes, please email me at to discuss additional size options for prints before purchasing.

+ How can I make sure to be in the know about upcoming collection releases?

Yes! Let's stay in touch! The best way to learn about new collection releases is by following me on Instagram and signing up for my newsletter during checkout. I look forward to popping up in your inbox... see you there!